Have the stresses of being an independent owner become too much to handle?

Are you struggling with not being able to focus on selling, leaving your money on the street?

Do you believe there is more to your selling abilities, but you don't have the support or resources needed to be successful?

We understand that running an independent freight forwarding company can be super stressful, especially when you have to wear several hats and handle the day-to-day tasks that come with owning a business.

Whether you are currently struggling with cash flow issues, talent retention concerns, or technology limitations, we have the stability, longevity, breadth, and resources to alleviate these challenges and help you thrive!

For almost 30 years, ICAT Logistics has focused on creating an environment where independent businesses with sales-minded individuals can hand over their back-office minutia to our team so they can finally have the freedom to focus solely on selling, allowing for rapid growth and success.

The Program What it Takes

Whether you're in sales or own a small business, growth can only go so far when you have other things on your plate. If you're looking to grow at a greater capacity, our Business Development Agent Program helps these individuals focus on the selling rather than on the monotonous tasks that take away from their true talents.

Our Business Development Agent Program is a perfect fit for those who can:

  • 1 Provide a diverse book of business or have a book of business with a plan to diversify in other verticals;
  • 2 Dedicate the time to learning the ICAT Way through the completion of our onboarding process; and
  • 3 Commit to always delivering a great experience to our customers.

Our most successful BDAs share these important characteristics. Do you possess these attributes as well?

  • Focused on the growth of their business
  • Dedicated to the core values and mission
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit and competitive drive
  • Have a sales-driven mentality
  • Believe in service over price
  • Open to collaboration