ICAT.Connect “connects” you with your shipping data. With a flexible, easy-to-use interface, this platform provides customized processes and reports, saving you time and money.

With access to all your shipment information 24/7/365, you can make effective and informed decisions for your business. You can input and receive quotes with different service level options and even book, track, and trace your shipments wherever they are in the world.

We take our platform a step further and also give you options to print current and past invoices, create and download customized reports, and add and maintain your own address book with relevant contacts.

Learn how you can have your shipments at your fingertips with ICAT.Connect. Contact your account manager or local ICAT office today!


Benefits of ICAT.Connect

Shipping with Security

With a unique username and password for the platform, only you and those you set up under your account will be able to access your freight information. Giving you and your team peace of mind is what we aim for!

Complete Transparency

We believe in transparency—that means providing clarity and accuracy in all information that pertains to your freight. You will know where your shipment is at all times and have full access to that data.

Shipping on Your Schedule

Making several calls about the same shipment can take up a good portion of your daily work routine. Utilizing ICAT.Connect allows you and your team to use your time more effectively and efficiently.

Customizable Viewing

Would you prefer to only have certain departments at your company access specific shipment information? Done! With ICAT.Connect, you have the ability to customize what data can be viewed by others.