The ICAT Agency Partner Program allows our partners to realize cost-reducing benefits, revenue opportunities, and a comprehensive global network, not to mention, unparalleled corporate support.

We have many current agencies that have reached and surpassed the 5, 10, and 15-year marks and transitioned their business seamlessly.

Our concentration on agency growth and development makes us a premium choice for logistics professionals looking to start an agency or grow an existing business. Finding the right partner in a competitive industry is crucial to your success. How do we do this? We support each other. Period.

Our hands-on support is at the very core of our growth formula. It is the cornerstone to the partnerships we have with built with our agencies. We truly believe we offer the finest support structure in the industry because we focus on YOU rather than building company-owned offices.

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How do you benefit as an ICAT Agency Partner?

Collaborative environment with a growth mentality

Insightful business and customer data to help with making informed decisions

Creative approaches to help with prospect introductions and strengthen client relationships

Essential industry management by compliance experts to ensure limited exposure to potential liability or risk

Extensive global network with access to hundreds of international agents the brochure to learn more!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

- Henry Ford

Testi Bg Denver

Bill T. Denver Agency Owner

“I joined the company to further our client base where there would be limited boundaries to exceptional customer service at a reasonable price. ICAT had the experience and knowledge of transportation that I envisioned for myself as a partner—one that could progressively grow with the times.”Joined in 2016

Testi Bg Detroit

Dan C. Detroit Agency Owner

“When I joined ICAT, I was looking for that different approach. Twenty-eight years later, I’m still here and growing my business to levels I never imagined possible. ICAT has stayed true to their values and asked for my input on growing the network. It’s been a win-win partnership since the beginning.”Joined in 1994

Testi Bg Portland

Todd B. Portland Agency Owner

“I chose ICAT due to the promise of support and the interaction I had during our first meeting. Fifteen years later, I’m still here because of the trust I have built with the team and the continued support I receive daily. The relationship we have created allows us to grow together and keep pushing forward.”Joined in 2003

Testi Bg Nashville

Mark H. Nashville Agency Owner

“ICAT’s corporate support has been instrumental for the overall growth of our agency. Whether it’s dealing with customer interactions, vendor relations, compliance or billing, the corporate office’s extensive knowledge, assistance, and professionalism keeps our business flowing smoothly.”Joined in 2014

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