The success of our agencies and Business Development Agents is a true testimony to our cohesive and supportive partnership. Don't just take it from us though—here are some of the successes achieved by our agency partners and sales individuals.

Todd B.
Portland, OR

Todd’s Story

I started my first business—a local transportation company—in 1986. In 1989, I bought my first freight forwarding agency and operated through them until selling and joining corporate America in the same industry in 1998.

In 2002, I decided it was time to go back out on my own. I researched options, and in early 2003, made the decision to open an agency with ICAT Logistics. I felt I would get the support needed to grow my business through their network. Although there were other options, ICAT inspired me with their sense of direction.

Over the years, I continued with ICAT because of the support and effort they put towards their agency partners, helping us create growth and manage the day-to-day business matters we face. I am an independent business, and with a dedicated team at the ICAT Home Office that takes care of the back-office tasks and places where we need assistance, our local team can focus on helping our customers. The other agencies in the network also do a great job of being there when we have questions and work with us like a team.

We are in a business that is built on a need for compliance. ICAT has a team that does an incredible job of making sure we comply with the regulations set forth by government entities that we deal with on a regular basis. This has allowed us to compete in very regulated commodities, which has been a large part of our growth.
Almost 20 years later, my job has become easier with the technology that ICAT has provided, allowing me to build a business that is able to take care of my team and all those associated with the business.

The people here make the difference—plain and simple.

Long Beach, CA

Esper’s Story

I started my career with ICAT Logistics in 2014 as an international operator. With the guidance and experience I was given over the years, I began my own venture as an ICAT agency in 2020.

The team at corporate has always been there to support me. From the IT department to the accounting team, we have always been provided with the help that was needed to grow.

Throughout my time with the company, I have learned that relationships are the key to a successful partnership with, not only the corporate location, but with the agencies in the network and my customers as well. The people here have really made an impact and helped me succeed throughout my career with them.

Chris Cser
Detroit, MI

Chris’ Story

ICAT has helped me grow and thrive through a solid back-office support system which allows us to focus our efforts on our clients’ overall logistics needs.

Our IT team has intimate knowledge of logistics and has allowed us to pivot quickly on market changes, as well as new trends to stay ahead of the curve and other players in the industry. I believe we have one of the best accounting teams that continually make things happen, so we don’t have to worry about handling any of the payables or receivables.

There is a big emphasis on continued education at ICAT. We grew because we never settled or became complacent. Pushing forward was our key goal from Day 1, and they helped us achieve that. They always listen to us and value our input on how to make things better for the entire agency network.

When I started in this business, I didn’t even have a passport. Part of my growth was to experience international logistics firsthand, and since then, I have stepped foot in the four corners of the world!

Denver, CO

Bill’s Story

In 2016, I opened the ICAT Denver office with one other person. We moved into a 14,000 sq. ft. industrial office with a warehouse to accommodate our largest customer. The following year, we added two more employees and doubled our revenue.

Over the next three years, we continued to add employees, increase our sales, and grow our client base. Today, we are in a 26,000 sq. ft. facility, employ a team of 12 people, and have since quadrupled our revenue from when we first opened our doors.

To me, knowledge is everything, so knowing you have the ability to reach out to a team with a long history of expertise and a vast knowledge of logistics is critical to our continued success. I cannot thank the ICAT family enough for the continued support we get from the entire team, not only our corporate location, but other ICAT offices as well.

The willingness to share ideas and communicate current and past experiences of both success successes and failures has been instrumental in our growth. I am a firm believer that it takes a village to be as successful as you want to be, and knowing the ICAT family is there to share that responsibility is priceless.

Scott G.
Detroit, MI

Scott's Story

I started my career in the industry building pallets for an airline when I was just 18 years old. By the time I was 23, I had started my own logistics company and ran it for 21 years until the economic collapse in 2008.

I was just about to close my business and leave the industry when I talked to my good friends, Dan and Chris, at ICAT Detroit. They convinced me there was an impact we could make together, and I came onboard in 2009 as an independent sales contractor.

With the help of Dan, Chris, their team, and the entire ICAT network, I increased my sales every year and even set a personal annual sales record, eclipsing $18 million in 2021. To put it in perspective, when I had my own business, I had only ever reached $6 million—and that came with many more stresses and obstacles.

A network of like-minded savvy, logistics veterans to be able to bounce ideas around, combined with an extremely solid network of domestic and international vendors, has allowed me to continuously surpass my personal goals.

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