Are you looking to transition a current agency or open a new agency in the ICAT Logistics network?

Not every company encourages entrepreneurial freedom, nor do they provide the necessary resources to drive growth. Finding the right strategic partner in a competitive industry is crucial to the overall success of your business.

That's where we come into the equation.

Since opening our doors in 1993, ICAT Logistics has focused on creating and establishing a network where agencies can grow and achieve continued success. From new startups to existing businesses, we have successfully helped build and transition agencies through our collaborative efforts and a team of dedicated subject matter experts.

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The Program What it Takes

The agencies who join our network are already established entities or those who have a solid book of business with the opportunity to bring on employees when they open a new agency. Our comprehensive Agency Partner Program helps these groups attain entrepreneurship through our proven process and seamless onboarding.

This great opportunity is a chance to focus on your growth and realize the benefits of partnering with an inclusive and collaborative network.

The Agency Partner Program is a perfect fit for those who can:

  • 1 Provide or commit to developing a thorough business plan with budget forecasts and supporting documentation;
  • 2 Show a proven track record of strong sales numbers and profitability;
  • 3 Dedicate the time to learning the ICAT Way through the completion of our agency onboarding process; and
  • 4 Commit to always delivering a great experience to the customers, vendors, and other agency partners.

Our most successful agency owners share these important characteristics. Do you possess these attributes as well?

  • Focused on the growth of their business
  • Dedicated to the core values and mission
  • Have a diverse book of business or looking to diversify
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit and competitive drive
  • Have a sales-driven mentality
  • Believe in service over price
  • Open to collaboration