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An ICAT Logistics Case Study Serving Success for a Major Event

ICAT's customer—an American sports-oriented satellite TV network—needs a large shipment of broadcasting equipment shipped to France for the French Open. Will COVID restrictions prevent an on-time delivery?

The Problem

One Call

An American sports-oriented satellite TV network approached the experts at ICAT with a large project shipment of broadcasting equipment that needed to be transported from California to Paris, France for the French Open. The initial request for quotes were sent to the team on May 5th for a time-definite delivery on May 24th—the day qualifying rounds for the event commenced. After approving the shipment, the ICAT team geared up to get this important equipment transported. There was one issue though—due to France’s COVID restrictions, the freight could not be moved directly to France from the United States.

The Solution

Right Solution

This international air shipment was very time-specific, contained lithium batteries, and had a carnet of over 100 line items. To solve the issue of not being able to ship directly to France—and the obvious time crunch—the ICAT team had to get creative. The equipment was first routed to the United Kingdom and then transported to France. In addition to the already-challenging shipment, ICAT needed to have the equipment delivered in France a week before the event in order to get all the items cleared through customs and everything set up four days prior to the French Open start date.

The Results


ICAT delivered the broadcasting equipment to France right on time for the global event! The team has constant communication with multiple agents and vendors, and answered all questions regarding vaccination proof, carnet setup, and pricing. Although there was a minor snag with customs clearance due to the shipment containing lithium batteries, ICAT never faltered. ICAT’s hazmat experts were able to get everything resolved quickly and moved the shipment through the front gate of the event for an immediate and successful turnaround.

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