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An ICAT Logistics Case Study Delivering a Stellar Experience

Moving raw materials for a final product can be challenging when a strict schedule needs to be met. With a time-sensitive deadline in place, an aerospace client turned to ICAT to get the shipment delivered in time.

The Problem

One Call

An aerospace and defense customer reached out to ICAT to help them move a high priority, time-sensitive shipment of copper billets from Europe to the United States. The shipment, which typically moves via ocean, needed to arrive in the U.S. by April 1 to meet a definitive deadline. Originally packaged for ocean shipping, the team had to get the cargo re-packed and scheduled to be transported by air in order for it to arrive on time.

The Solution

Right Solution

Before the shipment of copper billets—which contained two pieces weighing a total of 5,592 kilos (or 12,328 pounds)— could be transported via air, the packaging was required to be IATA spec. The team jumped into action and ensured the cargo was re-packed. Once this was completed, a flight to the United States was secured for the customer.

In addition to their quick thinking, the ICAT team had to book Express Service and provide a dedicated flatbed truck to move the shipment to the airport to be loaded onto the aircraft properly in Europe. They also planned ahead and made sure there was a trucking company on standby to pick the shipment up from the destination airport in the U.S. to transport and deliver it so there was no gap in pickup time.

The Results


Throughout transit, the ICAT team provided consistent updates and high visibility. The cargo arrived on time in the U.S. and was delivered, leaving a lasting impression on the client who had already started planning the details of another shipment.

To ensure the success of this shipment, the experts at ICAT:

  • Developed and implemented an alternative solution;
  • Handled all the import formalities and same-day delivery;
  • Created and built lasting relationships with the client; and
  • Stayed in constant communication with the customer to let them know the details of the move every step of the way.

Study Details

Case Study

All Precision & No Tunnel Vision

A company in the construction industry was facing a challenge on clearing their imports through customs with their current freight forwarder. How did the ICAT team help and what were the overall results?