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An ICAT Logistics Case Study All Precision & No Tunnel Vision

A company in the construction industry was facing a challenge on clearing their imports through customs with their current freight forwarder. How did the ICAT team help and what were the overall results?

The Problem

One Call

One of ICAT’s customers—a large company in the construction industry—had a heavy hand in Alexandria’s River Renew Project in Virginia. This 5-year project focused on boring out a 5-mile tunnel that redistributed the city’s wastewater to keep it out of the Potomac River.

Initially, the client reached out to the ICAT team with some difficulties they were facing with their current forwarder on the import side and needed assistance with the customs brokerage and clearance. The imports were already in transit on an ocean vessel and needed to be handled by ICAT’s knowledgeable team to ensure they were successfully cleared through customs without any delays.

The Solution

Right Solution

After successfully handling and clearing the customer’s imports, the client decided to go with ICAT as the official broker to handle the exporting side of the project, which consisted of transporting individual components to Germany to build a tunnel-boring machine. The parts that were being shipped from Alexandria, VA had to be exported back overseas by a time-definite deadline for the project to remain on schedule. In order to ensure the customer remained on track, the ICAT team transported the parts back via air.

Although the initial imports were taken over midway, the ICAT team was able to uncover other things they had in the pipeline. The team remained in constant communication and educated the customer in supplier requests, necessary forms, and various filing requirements on the import side. By focusing on education piece, the customer remained compliant and avoided any potential hiccups that could have resulted in a costly mistake.

The Results


Not only did the project remain on track, the imports and exports continue to be handled by the ICAT team for this project. As a result, ICAT built a strong, cohesive relationship with the client. The success of these shipments and the project overall stems, not only from the seasoned experts at ICAT Logistics, but the focus on providing:

  • Proactive communication
  • Flexible implementation
  • Thorough and continuous education
  • Customized logistics solutions

Study Details

Case Study

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