Case Study Header Taking Flight Overnight

An ICAT Logistics Case Study Taking Flight Overnight

When a defense and aerospace client needs an urgent component shipped across the world for a grounded aircraft, they call ICAT Logistics to get the job done! Can the team get the part delivered in time?

The Problem

One Call

ICAT Logistics received an urgent call from a defense and aerospace client late on a Wednesday night. They had a grounded defense-focused aircraft that needed an important part in order for it to get back into the air. The problem was, the part was located in the United States and needed to be delivered to Romania, as the timing for this shipment was critical.

The Solution

Right Solution

The ICAT team quickly provided the client with two solutions and while one was more cost-effective, it came with a longer transit time. The client asked ICAT to proceed with the time-critical hand carry solution. The part was picked up by a courier in IAD Thursday morning at 10:00AM and boarded the next possible flight the team could secure. The onboard courier flew with the part to ensure it arrived and delivered in Romania on time.

The Results


From the initial call to the final delivery, our team of experts successfully moved this shipment within 27 hours! The courier picked up the aircraft part just hours after the client placed the call. From there, they hand carried the aircraft part via air from IAD to JFK and then to Germany where it was then delivered to its destination in Romania around 1:00PM on Friday. The client was thrilled and had their aircraft back in the air within 48 hours from the initial call!

ICAT was successful with this shipment through:

  • Utilizing their AOG expertise and specialized industry contacts;
  • Working around-the-clock; and
  • Ensuring high-visibility by updating the client every 3-4 hours on the status of the part.

Study Details

Case Study

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