Company News SmartCEO Best-Run Company Award

June 25, 2012

We are pleased to announce that ICAT Logistics, Inc. was selected to Baltimore SmartCEO’s Inaugural Best-Run Companies Program! This program recognizes companies based on their leadership and management excellence, as well as their involvement in their communities.

A fast-growth success story since 1993, ICAT continues to expand into new territories with their leading Agency Partner program. ICAT is dedicated to helping its agency partners grow more profitably through sharing its “lessons learned” with more like-minded agency partners. ICAT gives agencies the tools that help them improve their practices in the areas of sales, marketing, training, human resources, management, IT, and operations. This “behind the scenes” support gives agency owners the freedom to do what they do best.

ICAT facilitates forums, meetings, and conference calls for discussion and input on corporate policies and actions with their agency partners, as well as keeping the lines of communication open to help agencies stay on their path to growth.

Internally, ICAT has implemented a strategic and creative plan to encourage team members to stay on the road towards meeting their 2012 goals. ICAT’s Implementation and Execution (I&E) Team developed a unique program called “Keep the Momentum Going” that includes visual aids, such as an Incentive Program Racetrack, which runs throughout the office to assist the organization to stay on track and meet their critical number goals. As an organization, they are also committed to daily meetings for departments to check-in with team members at all levels.

“Being selected by Baltimore SmartCEO is a testament to the ICAT Team’s commitment to our strategic plan and reaching the goals we set as a team. The team established the ‘how-to’ programs we use in our everyday efforts, including our reward system for milestone accomplishments and how we communicate to each other and our respective departments.  Everyone can feel the difference and the results are dramatic.”

– ICAT President and CEO, Rick Campbell