Company News ICAT Logistics Announces New Subsidiary – ICAT Customs Brokerage

February 12, 2015

 ICAT Logistics, Inc. (ICAT), a leading agency-based freight forwarder in the U.S., announces today the launch of a new subsidiary entity, ICAT Customs Brokerage, to expand and enhance the company’s services. Specifically, this new entity has been awarded a corporate customs brokers license improving ICAT’s overall efficiency by eliminating the need for a third-party broker. Certified as a remote location filer, ICAT Customs Brokerage can file entries and import security filings (ISF) nationwide provided to the importer has a continuous bond on file. ICAT Customs Brokerage will expand ICAT’s service offerings, moving it closer to a full-service provider that delivers value to customers from beginning to end on their logistics engagements.

Through ICAT Customs Brokerage, licensed broker certification also provides ICAT with greater overall control over its customer engagements, with the ability to manage every step of the logistics process from start to finish. ICAT is now able to transmit its own Importer Security Filings (ISFs), required for all inbound ocean shipments to customs directly, increasing the timeliness of customs clearance and cargo delivery. While having provided clients with continuous bonds in the past, ICAT Customs Brokerage can now offer single entry bonds to import customers as well as required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“We are thrilled to announce ICAT Customs Brokerage, which will allow us to expand the portfolio of services we deliver to our customers every day; across the globe, while increasing the overall efficiency, value, and results our customers receive from us,” says ICAT’s BWI Director of Operations, Lindy Lou Marceron, who will oversee this new division. “ICAT Customs Brokerage also represents a significant opportunity for us to expand our revenues and growth potential as a company.”

The creation of this new entity follows several key milestones achieved by ICAT in 2013; including a large-scale overhaul of the company’s operating platform and the launch of a new corporate website highlighting ICAT’s logistics services and solutions, success stories, while providing access to ICAT’s web-based customer interface platform.

ICAT also achieved significant growth in its agency network over the past year, adding offices in Miami, FL, State College, PA, San Juan, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, as well as Dulles, VA, Toronto, Canada and Dubai United Arab Emirates through its partnership with a group uniquely focused on military and government transportation.