Company News ICAT Logistics Achieves Remarkable Growth Unprecedented in the Industry

May 11, 2016

The leading agency-based freight forwarder achieves a 65% growth rate for Agency Partners and 20% overall company growth for the fourth year in a row.

In the last four years, ICAT Logistics, Inc. (ICAT), an award-winning and leading agency-based freight forwarder in the U.S., has seen massive development, growing at least 20% each year. As a result of their recent remarkable growth, ICAT expects to expand from their current seven international licensees to 15 by 2017, and are looking to add at least five domestic offices in the next year. Company executives attribute this unprecedented feat to several factors, most notably, “The ICAT Way” Program. This program has generated a remarkable 65% growth rate for agency partners and increased opportunities for 2016.

This unprecedented 65% growth rate is in large part due to the industry-leading turnkey recruiting, training, and development of the ICAT Way Program, which delivers critical support to its agency partners. Continuing to gain accolades for its demonstrated ability to drive continued growth, this program has been a success among ICAT’s increasing network of global agency partners.

“There are several distinguishing facets that contribute to our success. The most prominent is our commitment to our agency partners as the driving component of our growth strategy. This commitment is evident in every area of our Home Office. Each department’s mission is to assist our agency partners with their particular challenges and opportunities related to their unique growth plan,” comments ICAT President and CEO, Rick Campbell.

The ICAT Way Program provides agency partners with the tools and information to assist in each and every facet of business development; from operations, to technology, to sales, to human resources, to marketing, to finance, just to name a few. As an example, offering sales tools that include lead generation, marketing materials, and an integrated CRM program. Further included is access to experienced industry professionals with a wide knowledge base of international and domestic logistics.

In 2016, ICAT continues to help their Agency Partners by focusing on its larger goals, including:

• Capitalizing on new technology and web-based tools such as ICAT Connect, a flexible, easy-to-use online program that “connects” customers with their shipping data in real-time, to help achieve greater efficiency and enhance operational processes, with the goal of even greater service to all ICAT’s customers around the globe;
• Intensifying business development efforts with a focus on prospective, as well as current customers to promote continued, healthy growth;
• Administering the ongoing expansion of the internal sales team with several new hires planned for 2016; and
• Continuing to focus on achieving a greater customer-centric service approach, along with expanding its outreach to existing shipping customers.

To further expand growth, ICAT recently hired Hann Livingston as the new Chief Growth Officer. Hann brings more than 13 years of expertise in managing expansion into new U.S. and international markets, employee and sales-partner performance objectives and incentives, and vendor acquisition and negotiation. In his new role, Hann will be responsible for a number of priorities in continuing to grow ICAT’s global presence such as, working with existing agencies and partners to manage growth, defining and executing company marketing and sales objectives, expanding the ICAT network through new agency partnerships, and working with the team to continuously improve ICAT’s best-in-class service offerings.

“We are focused on certain growth metrics involving company expansion through additional offices both domestically and abroad, but know first and foremost, staying focused and maintaining our core messaging – our values, our mission, our vision and our brand promise – is critically important to achieving these metrics and additional milestones,” Campbell explains. “We have a very distinct culture that is quickly identified by anyone who visits our office. We take our mission to ‘help all those we touch grow’ very seriously. There is a family feel that embodies a strong work ethic, a commitment to excellence and demonstrates a genuine, authentic group that is transparent in our actions. I’m proud of our success and looking forward to what we can achieve in the future.”