TreeICAT Logistics opened its doors in 1993 in a modest, one-room office space just outside of Baltimore, MD.

The first order of business for founder Rick Campbell and his small team? Clearing out the past tenant’s trash that was left behind. Among the mess was a potted plant that appeared to be completely dead. Just as one of the original ICAT team members was about to toss it, Rick said, “Let’s see if we can save it.”

After weeks of feeding, pruning, re-potting, and watering the plant, a new sprout appeared. With continued care over the next few months, it kept improving. As ICAT grew, the plant grew, too. It wasn’t until a few years in and one office upgrade later that the team realized the plant they loved wasn’t a plant at all. It was a tree!

Just like ICAT, the tree has seen its good days and its bad days. It has spent times lying dormant, and it has surprised everyone with quick growth spurts. Yet despite all the ups and downs, it’s as healthy and strong today as it’s ever been. As ICAT has expanded its agency network in the U.S. and throughout the world with its global affiliate partners, the tree has been right there with us. Currently, it resides in CEO Rick Campbell’s office, and serves as a constant reminder of our mission—to help all those we touch grow.

One Call, Right Solution…DONE!