Laser Saw Move

An ICAT Logistics Case Study Moving Special Equipment

A manufacturing equipment customer needs to meet a specific deadline and reaches out to ICAT to assist in pulling permits and transporting a large, oversized laser saw from Connecticut to Texas.

The Problem

One Call

A manufacturing equipment customer contacted ICAT for assistance in the transportation of an oversized laser saw from Plainville, CT to Arlington, TX—a 1,678-mile trek—and needed to meet a specific deadline (a specialized shipment with attention required and particular concerns, such as the need for a 48” step-deck trailer with a crane and rigging for the loading and unloading processes). This shipment also required permits for the laser saw’s wide body and a high amount of insurance, and could only be transported during daylight hours, making this project quite challenging.

With shipments like this, companies can choose to go through the manufacturer to manage the logistics and transportation. However, in this case, given the high level of planning and detailed attention it required from start to finish, this company went to ICAT to ensure on-time and successful execution of the move.

The Solution

Right Solution

After a referral from a past relationship with ICAT, the manufacturing equipment company discussed the project with the ICAT team, and felt they possessed the expertise and background in specialized and oversize shipments, as well as the connections and resources to move the shipment to its destination on-time and within budget. ICAT’s team hit the ground running to develop an innovative transportation plan to meet the customer’s unique needs.

Since timeframe, insurance, and permit processes were factors in the transport of the laser saw, ICAT created a customized, flexible plan to facilitate all of the necessary activities. Through their relationship with a broker, ICAT secured $258,500 in insurance for the shipment, and leveraged its local connections to locate a qualified driver with the appropriate licenses and designations to handle the transport. Special equipment and a GPS tracker were also installed to allow the laser to be mounted to the trailer and the location of it to be known at all times.

The Results


Once the groundwork and all necessary preparations were completed, the ICAT Logistics and manufacturing equipment company’s teams were set to proceed with the move. Throughout the process, the communication between the two companies and the driver was instrumental to the successful completion of the transport within the specific timeframe required by the customer.

The communication process was particularly valuable in the case of an initial half-day delay that arose due to on-the-road inspection requirements by the Department of Transportation. Due to the structure in place to enable real-time communication and GPS tracking between ICAT Logistics, the customer, and the driver, the shipment made up for lost time and met the initial delivery timeline.

With the operations team’s exceptional knowledge and experience with these types of specialized shipments, there were no unforeseen or additional costs throughout the process, and the laser saw was successfully installed at the client’s facility.

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Case Study

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