Why ICAT World Class Logistics Services

We live to collaborate. We'll meet your supply chain needs
and make sure you're informed each step of the way.

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Custom Solutions

There is no such thing as "cookie cutter" options at ICAT. Our solutions are customized and tailored for each individual customer and their specific logistics needs and business goals.

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Global Shipping

With highly personal relationships in place around the world and decades of experience in the international shipping industry, our team is trained to go the extra mile, every mile.

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Employee Experience

Our people are the backbone of this company. We have created a culture based on learning and transparency, and ensure that each individual employee has the power and tools to provide an amazing experience to all those we touch.

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Time-Critical Shipping

Failure to deliver your important materials on time is simply not an option. Wherever your assets need to be, we will get them there through our vast network of vendors and global agents.

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Industry Knowledge

Our people have the experience and background to deliver the most suitable options for our customers. We strategically position each employee in their roles to maximize results.

Blog Latest Industry Insights

Keeping you updated on industry insights and changes is crucial to
the success of your business. Stay informed on the latest news that
could potentially impact your company's supply chain or bottom line.

UNDENIABLE Customer Results

Actions speak louder than words. We can claim to be different
all day, but nothing proves it more than our case studies that
showcase the outstanding results we've provided our clients.

The number of medical masks we transported for a customer in a single day.
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The pounds of steel trusses of a water park we transported to the South Pacific.
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The amount of money we saved a customer by creating an innovative logistics solution.
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The number of miles we moved an oversized laser saw from Connecticut to Texas.
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The percentage we helped a customer increase their sales through collaboration.
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