Case Study Header Water Park

An ICAT Logistics Case Study Water Park to the South Pacific

One of ICAT's customers needs an entire disassembled water park transported from the southern United States to a small island located in the South Pacific before their annual tourist season starts.

The Problem

One Call

One of ICAT’s clients needed to move an entire disassembled water park from the southern United States to a resort in Saipan—a small island located in the South Pacific—before the annual tourist season began.

The Solution

Right Solution

The project required strategic thinking and up-to-the-minute communication with the customer. The entire process involved moving 300,000 pounds-worth of fiberglass sides and steel trusses by utilizing a crane for rigging and loading onto a cargo ship, and then transporting the materials by ocean halfway across the world. During the move, two major U.S. hurricanes made the logistical efforts a bit challenging, but ICAT made sure the shipments stayed on track in order to make the looming deadline.

The Results


Despite minimal hindrances, the shipments successfully arrived to Saipan. The communication provided by ICAT throughout the process was crucial to completing each major milestone. Since the shipments stayed on track, the water park was able to be delivered and reassembled in time for the peak tourist season.

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