An ICAT Logistics Case Study Overseas High-Stakes Hauling

Sometimes, shipments arise that are both complex and need to move internationally. A manufacturing client needed to get a log stacker moved from the U.S. to New Zealand—and only had a short time to do it.

The Problem

One Call

When complex shipments arise, companies need to look for a logistics partner who can effectively manage the transportation process from Point A to Point B. These circumstances become even more involved when the freight is oversized AND needs to be shipped internationally. A manufacturing company of specialized machinery was facing that exact scenario.

The client reached out to the ICAT Logistics team with a big project at hand: they needed to transport a heavy, oversized log stacker/loader from Oregon to Tauranga, a coastal city in New Zealand. Due to delays in the production process, it was imperative to get the large piece of equipment delivered on time.

The Solution

Right Solution

The ICAT team had to come up with a plan to ensure the log stacker was moved quickly and safely. On top of the time crunch, they also faced new laws that were put into place in the state of Washington regarding weight and height restrictions on roadways.

The team pulled permits to move the equipment from Oregon through Washington to get it to the Port of Tauranga. In addition, the log stacker could only be moved on the highway during certain hours of the day, which made this shipment even more challenging.

The ICAT operations experts booked the trucks and collaborated with the carrier to get the oversized freight moved to a secure Container Freight Station (CFS) for loading onto the vessel. Due to the overall size of the equipment, it had to be moved on three flat racks, a 20’ container, a 40’ high cube, and a breakbulk piece.

The Results


The log stacker was successfully transported to the CFS, loaded onto the cargo ship, and delivered on time with a direct call to the Port of Tauranga.

The customer was blown away by the coordination and level of service they received from the ICAT Logistics team. Not only did they go above and beyond to get the job done, but they solidified a loyal customer in the process.

No matter the size, shape, or weight, ICAT Logistics has the knowledge and resources to handle it!

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