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An ICAT Logistics Case Study One Million Masks in One Day

A Big Three automotive company needs to get 500 cases of masks distributed throughout the Detroit metro area to citizens, local hospitals and schools, but is facing a big obstacle: logistics.

The Problem

One Call

The pandemic has sparked a desperate need to distribute one million much-needed masks to elderly citizens, families in need, local hospitals, churches, and schools.

A Big Three automotive company had the masks to help these people, but no plan of action to deliver them.

The Solution

Right Solution

The major automotive company connected with ICAT Logistics Detroit to tackle the biggest obstacle: logistics.

Drawing upon their own experience with importing and moving PPE supplies, the ICAT team immediately agreed to offer their services and carefully began reviewing each step in the process to ensure the job was done as quickly and accurately as possible.

The Results


Due to the ICAT team’s proactive response and actions, one million masks were delivered in one day! The major auto company stated, “ICAT Logistics quickly stepped in to donate their services by delivering the bulk of the masks.” One of the team’s supply chain specialists was even at the forefront, escorting each shipment to their final destination.


Study Details

"The largest challenge of this task was evident: logistics. Distributing 500 cases of masks throughout the metro Detroit area is no easy task."
Big Three Automotive Company
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