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An ICAT Logistics Case Study Saving a Scheduled Event

Promotional decals need to arrive to an upcoming weekend event for a Texas-based professional basketball team. Delays by the manufacturer is threatening the on-time arrival of these materials. ICAT steps in to help.

The Problem

One Call

ICAT Logistics’ customer was in a bind and needed to get promotional car decals for a professional basketball team shipped from their facility in China to the arena in Texas.

The promotional decals had to be distributed during an upcoming weekend event, but the shipment was delayed in China due to the manufacturer. This delay caused the cargo to depart from China much later than expected and would not arrive at the U.S. hub in Los Angeles until the Friday right before the event. The cargo, which was originally set up for a second day shipment, would have had the decals arriving in Houston on Monday afternoon, well after the event was over.

The Solution

Right Solution

With the ICAT team offering 24-hour customer service and tracking, they were able to stop the cargo once it arrived in Los Angeles and scheduled it to ship on a direct commercial flight from LA to Houston.

The cargo arrived in Houston at 2:00 AM on Saturday—the first day of the scheduled event. Prior to the flight landing, ICAT reached out and hired a private courier to be on standby so the cargo could be taken directly from the Houston airport to the arena.

The Results


The cargo carrying the promotional decals arrived at the arena at 8:30 AM on Saturday and were successfully distributed before the event started. ICAT’s client was able to provide the event attendees with their promotional decals on time without disrupting the entire event.

When you’re facing a logistics challenge for a time-specific meeting or event, our team will do what it takes to get your materials delivered when they need to be.

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