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An ICAT Logistics Case Study Quality Makes the Difference

A customer chooses a "global powerhouse" logistics provider to handle their shipments instead of ICAT. Two months into their new relationship, they find out maybe price isn't as important as the quality of service.

The Problem

One Call

ICAT’s client, a supplier of high-quality products and systems to the automotive industry, needed logistics support for their pre-production engineering and tooling teams between the United States and Canada locations, as well as their vendors in Asia.

A “supposed” global powerhouse in the freight forwarding industry unseated ICAT as the preferred provider of this customer—a cost-driven decision. The client soon learned that “global powerhouse” does not always translate to global capabilities. This provider left the client in a bind, telling them they had a strong presence in this market and could do it for much cheaper, when in reality, they could not. Once this freight forwarder started handling their shipments, the customer realized they were lacking in the expertise of handling that particular freight.

The Solution

Right Solution

Due to Asia’s special requirements when shipping steel into their markets, the other logistics provider couldn’t fulfill the client’s needs. Barely two months into the process, they decided they could not manage the client’s DDP shipments into Asia and turned away the business. That’s when the customer reached out to ICAT.

Within their organization, ICAT helped them create a team that focused solely on logistics and customs functions. This team designed a contract that allowed for guaranteed pricing that didn’t fluctuate with every shipment.

The Results


Where the bigger global provider failed, ICAT Logistics exceled. The ICAT team had spent previous years handling this client’s steel shipments, so they were already knowledgeable on all the specific regulations and requirements for customs in Asia. ICAT was able to pick up the shipments and successfully deliver them to their appropriate destinations.

Study Details

Case Study

Oversized Fire Truck to Iraq

A client in the defense sector needs logistics and warehousing solutions for an oversized fire truck that will be shipping overseas to Iraq. They turn to the experts at ICAT to help them with the complex process.