Case Study Header Moving Freight At Laser Speed

An ICAT Logistics Case Study Moving Freight at Laser Speed

A global tier one automotive supplier needs a specialized laser transported from Argentina to Mexico in less than two weeks. ICAT steps in to navigate the complexities of this time-critical shipment.

The Problem

One Call

A global tier one automotive supplier needed to move a specialized laser from Argentina to Mexico in less than two weeks. The problem, they said, was “this machine is too large to fit in any aircraft other than the Antonov”—the largest cargo airplane in the world.

The Solution

Right Solution

The timing of this project was crucial. Any delays could ultimately have a major impact on production schedules, causing a negative ripple effect for their clients. ICAT determined the best course of action to be a de-installation of the laser before it was transported.

The ICAT team on the ground supervised the rigging, trucking, and crating of the laser. Once the freight reached Mexico, specialized trucking and loading plans were put into action. The logistics coordination team in Mexico oversaw the transfer of the laser to the company’s facility. With pre-planning, Mexican customs officials were on-site and ready to complete the necessary documentation that would allow the laser to be moved to its final destination in Argentina.

The Results


Customs formalities were completed in less than eight hours in Mexico—a feat in itself. The laser was delivered ahead of schedule, much to the delight of the customer. ICAT’s goal is to always find a solution for any challenge, no matter how large or small. As ICAT proves time and time again: no matter how far your cargo has to go, we will still go the extra mile.

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Case Study

Seamless Coordination

A nationally-known logistics company accidentally splits a shipment and one part of it ends up in the wrong country. That's when the customer contacted ICAT to help resolve the error for them.