Museum Case Study (2)

An ICAT Logistics Case Study Circumventing a Customs Issue

An overseas supplier for one of ICAT's customers—the distributor of a well-known museum in New York City— runs into customs issues while attempting to export important items out of Portugal.

The Problem

One Call

ICAT’s customer, a distributor for a well-known museum in New York City, had one of their suppliers overseas exporting items to the United States from Portugal. Being one of the stricter countries when it comes to customs, the supplier wasn’t able to provide the necessary documentation required by customs at the origin.

The Solution

Right Solution

Due to this mishap, ICAT’s agent was unable to act as the exporter until the issue was resolved. After exhausting all other available avenues, the international team at ICAT requested the supplier arrange for a delivery from Portugal to Sweden, and then export from there to the United States.

The Results


The supplier worked directly with ICAT’s agent in Sweden. Because clearing freight through customs is not as extreme in this country, Swedish customs accepted the supplier’s freight and imported it directly to the United States.

Throughout the entire shipping process, the ICAT team made sure to:

  • Follow up on a regular basis with the customer on the status of the shipment
  • Work directly with the supplier and agent overseas on behalf of the client
  • Help provide the proper documentation to avoid any further delays
  • Find the best solution to get the freight cleared through customs and delivered

Study Details

Case Study

Mission-Critical Equipment

A subcontractor, who works with one of ICAT's current customers, needs help transporting highly sensitive, oversized defense aerospace equipment from the EU to the United States via air charter.