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An ICAT Logistics Case Study Mission-Critical Equipment

A subcontractor, who works with one of ICAT's current customers, needs help transporting highly sensitive, oversized defense aerospace equipment from the EU to the United States via air charter.

The Problem

One Call

One of ICAT’s clients, a large defense prime contractor, referred one of their subcontractors to ICAT to manage, oversee, and transport sensitive and oversized defense aerospace equipment from the EU to the U.S. As part of a new $900 million Air Force contract, this project had to have high visibility with the client kept in the loop throughout the entire conveyance.

With the ongoing capacity issues occurring within the shipping industry though—and a tight timeframe that needed to be met—the team at ICAT had to work quickly to secure a large enough aircraft to move this extremely sensitive equipment, weighing over 100,000 lbs., by the upcoming deadline.

The Solution

Right Solution

After some phone calls, the ICAT team located and booked a charter on the Antonov AN-124—one of the largest aircraft in the world. ICAT completed and filed all necessary documentation for the client, including Dangerous Goods Declaration with full HAZMAT prep and handling and All-Risk Cargo Insurance with $50M+ in total value.

After COVID testing was performed 48 hours prior to the flight departing on the parties flying with the freight, and negative results were received and verified, the equipment was picked up from a secure military base in the EU and transported to the airport utilizing specialized heavy haul equipment, including flatbed, low boy, and step-deck trucks. ICAT managed the process, ensuring there were escorts who rode with the secure cargo and the necessary personnel were at the airport ready to load the equipment onto the aircraft.

The ICAT team pre-cleared the cargo with Customs at both the origin and destination airports to avoid any delays, and confirmed this was completed prior to the aircraft landing in the U.S.

The Results


The equipment was carefully loaded onto the Antonov AN-124 on May 24 at the airport in the EU. When the aircraft landed in the U.S. on May 25, the ICAT experts involved with this project were on-site to oversee the off-loading and delivery of the cargo. After unloading, the sensitive freight was picked up by specialized heavy haul equipment and successfully transported and delivered on schedule to its destination.

ICAT Logistics was able to provide a seamless experience by:

  • Customizing a solution and identifying all the moving parts of the project prior to picking up the freight from the secure military base;
  • Working closely with their international agent in the EU to ensure the cargo was handled properly and loaded onto the aircraft;
  • Remaining in constant communication with the client by providing 24/7 in-transit visibility through detailed, up-to-the-minute milestone tracking reports and proactive email/phone touchpoints; and
  • Assigning global logistics subject matter experts with in-depth government, defense, and aerospace sector knowledge.

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