Company News Replacing a Legacy

May 1, 2013

American Shipper recently put ICAT Logistics in the spotlight for their recent technological advances. Here is an excerpt from the interview with our Director of Information Technology, Steve Briggs.

Externally, the new system does attempt to link ICAT’s agency partners more closely with its vendors. “We saw the need for interface with our vendors, to be able to receive invoices from our largest vendors. We’ve updated our accounting program so it goes electronically straight to payables and approves shipments for payment automatically. We saw that as an important piece,” Briggs said. The new system also enhances document management.

“In the old system, if the customer required a hard copy of a document, you had to maintain that,” Briggs said. “Now we require that document to be uploaded.  It has benefits on the payment side, for instance, because we have proof of delivery.” He also noted ICAT has upgraded its customer user interface.

“On the customer facing side, the website is greatly enhanced,” he said. “Customers could not create quotes for us to spot quote before. Now they can. There are considerably more international pieces. They can complete commercial invoices and they can do their own document management. It’s more of a complete product for them instead of ‘where’s my freight.’ We don’t want to be a repository.”

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