Company News ICAT Logistics: Focusing on People

April 15, 2019

Now in its 26th year of business, ICAT Logistics has grown from a small outfit into a global player and top Baltimore-area workplace. ICAT Logistics has a total of 18 locations around the United States with several partners located in Asia. The global logistics solutions provider focuses on people: serving clients by turning their problems into solutions, while supporting and developing their teams internally.

“One of the reasons that we have had consistent growth is that we have been adding the right people to the team,” says Nicole Reed, Marketing Supervisor. “When we hire, we figure out what the person’s greatest strengths are and apply them to the job role so they can thrive in their position. We also onboard growth-oriented agencies. Our ICAT agencies are our partners and are committed to the ICAT model. We provide a great customer experience that not only retains and grows our customer base, but creates a word-of-mouth scenario so our current customers will tell others about the service we provide.”

“It’s a people investment,” Echo Clayton, Corporate Operations Administrative Manager, agrees. “We invest in our people and support each other, and that extends to our agency partners and customers. We want everyone to succeed; we want to see our customers succeed, and that comes through when we work with different people.”

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