Company News 6 Takeaways on Leadership from CEO Rick Campbell

June 4, 2018

Leadership is a huge buzzword in the business world. The general train of thought goes like this: if a business is growing and making money, it must have a good leader with great leadership skills.

I’ve found that a leadership trait is often mistaken for the complete picture of a leader. If a CEO is honest, he must be a good leader, or again, if a CEO runs a profitable company, that must make him/her a good leader.

A true leader is one that embodies more than just one or two leadership traits. Check out the article Leadership is made of 7 ingredients, according to Pat Williams, basketball Hall-of-Famer & Co-Founder of NBA’s Orlando Magic for more on these traits.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO of ICAT Logistics, a global logistics company, Rick Campbell. I wasn’t sure what direction the conversation would take as I had never met Rick before, but within minutes, his passion for leadership was all I could focus on.

Here are 6 takeaways on leadership from my interview with Rick:

1. A successful leader is passionate about personal growth.

Rick is passionate and intentional. Having played football and being a football coach he says that running a business is very close to coaching a football team. The successful coaches know how to connect with players and inspire them. More than inspire, they figure out how to get their players to find the motivation within themselves to win and grow.

“If we’re not putting people in positions to grow, learn and succeed, we’re not being leaders.”

ICAT has a voluntary book of the month club with the goal of fostering an environment where people can learn and grow together.

“Relationships are key to life. Period.”

To foster more growth, all employees at ICAT have access to training programs and classes. There are those that help individuals grow in their particular career path, and those that help them explore other passions and interests.

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