Company News Adopting Newer Technologies to Stand Out in the Crowd

December 4, 2013

By: Steve Briggs
Director of IT
ICAT Logistics, Inc.

As a non-asset based company, the biggest challenges we face are how to best use the technology that exists to the fullest to help all of our partners (Agencies, Vendors and Customers) grow more profitably.

For Our Vendors:
Transportation Logistics at the cartage level is laden with vendors who still communicate via phone and fax, particularly in the more tertiary markets. Where we do encounter vendors who are accustomed to using “modern” technology, those vendors have outsourced to a myriad of service providers. Each of these providers uses its own version of an industry “standard”. Any organization who has tried to implement an EDI integration based on what should be a common set of rules will understand.

Fortunately, ICAT has partnered with its own software provider that has made the integration process easier by building in cross-reference tables for data mapping. The next step for us is to help educate and sophisticate our vendors by demonstrating that improving their technology solution will improve their standing as a preferred vendor for ICAT. In essence we could help them grow.

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